Designing anything is important. One would have to make sure that it is appealing to the eye and all, but design can also mean the inner workings of an object or something else too. Design can mean anything, but for now we are just going to focus on the word design and what it means in both the business world and how people represent it and the technology world and how people take that as well. And then it will be about how they can overlap with one another. The importance of design is we see it all around us, you just have to look and it’s there. It can be found in business, technology, architecture, and so many other places.

Design in business

Design in the business world actually is a lot more than just making something look pretty to the eye. Even if it is that, there is a bit of a science to everything that is chosen in the background of it all.

There is a particular type of physiology to colors, shapes among other things when it comes to making something aesthetically pleasing to the public’s eye. Like for food, red is a good color that stimulates appetite or even anger, or how the color blue gives off a sense of calm and collected thoughts and everything in order to help someone out. The color yellow is what many probably should and do use most of the time, even if it can be hurtful to the eyes depending on what is going on. Yellow as a color itself stimulates mind activity, the nervous system and among other mental needs. These three colors among many others in the palate to choose from all over the spectrum that humans can see. Depending on the product or what is trying to be done would depend on the color or colors chosen for the project.

Another thing that is nice is the overall design of the project being worked on. The image trying to come across would heavily influence the complete outcome and look of the project. Those that want to try and make stuff look a lot more futuristic would probably keep to a rounded, smoother side and probably a lot more flexible than it could be before. Smooth, rounded edges however give off a bleak but a positive outlook on the future, where most things are considered safe for the individual and still fun but in a dull manner. However say they wanted it to stand out possibly or seem innovative, edgy or “cool” to those of the modern times. Edges mean danger, and the sharp ideas and new innovative way of thinking. It too could mean the future, but rather than a dull safe one that is still somehow interesting it could be almost like a teenager’s paradise or something of similar value. When I think of it edgy things, I more or less think of the future like the Tron movie.

Colors and the overall design look must work together well to create a mood to the consumer that the designer and company are trying to get. Both alone cannot simply sway a consumer into getting the product. Because blue is such a calming color, it would be best used to the example of the smooth surface and dullness to add to that relaxed effect, whereas red and orange and yellow would be best utilized when it came to the edgy item. Now all of this is just an ambiguous example, but the idea is still there among everything else.

Design in Technology

Design in technology is a little unlike anything for business. Technology design is more about the inner workings of the item itself rather than the outside look of it. Like a clock, the design of the inside and all of the gears is what keeps it going. If one gear is out of place then the entire thing can fall apart or simply stop working all together until it gets fixed properly. For more modern technology it all relies on the computer inside of it to work, or in some cases it is a computer relying on it to work out properly. If the computer inside something breaks, or a little part does, then the entire thing would simply shut down. Like how in some cars that has computers in them and rely on them so much to run and are centered on it. If that computer goes bad, then the entire car can’t work. That is design in technology. Design around a computer or cogs or other mechanisms ensure that anything that breaks is put back to the point that it is the least likely thing that will happen.

Adding all of these elements together, color, structural design, internal mechanisms all work together and meld into reasons on why design is important to business and technology. Everything mentioned does overlap itself all day throughout the world. It has become so common that it is almost strange to think that each individual part is made, and if one thing seems off about any of it then the entire product could be ruined.