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Client A 

Our client is a National grocery and pharmacy chain. Their objective was to help them boost visibility in social media marketing.

This was challenging due to the fact this is a very competitive business and industry. Even National Grocery chains have very tight margins. This meant every dollar they invested into marketing needed to have a strong ROI.

In addition to that, most grocery stores customers are located within a short distance from the grocery store of choice and don’t tend to venture further. These customers are also quite price sensitive.

We started off by testing a variety of different ad creatives, targeting segments, and placements. This helped us find a few combinations that delivered the most visibility for this National Grocery Store in terms of social media fan base. Once the fan base was established, we started growing the engagement rates of posts.

The strategy we used to get in front of new customers was behavioral targeting. We implemented geographic targeting of ads, Lookalike Audiences, and oCPM (Optimized Cost Per Mille) bidding to stretch ad dollars the furthest. On social media, images become “stale” faster than they do on other channels because of the speed of content consumption on social platforms, so we rotated fresh images more frequently.

Now, let’s talk results….

We drove 15,000 people to the National Grocery stores with a single campaign. We also doubled Facebook reach within six months and monetized new fans. Just one coupon campaign drove more than 25,000 conversions during the holiday season. We also boosted post engagement by 400%. The client has continued to run several successful social media campaigns with us for years.


Client B

Our client is a major discount brokerage and financial services Fortune 500 firm. They launched a campaign targeted to Financial Advisor content. The intention of the campaign was to promote the financial services that they provided. The client selected us as a partner because our data capabilities, and our ability to reach a large audience of financial advisors and wealth managers through email marketing, social media, and our ability to create unique compelling native advertising content.  WebIntermix turned out to be a perfect fit for the campaign objectives.

The advertiser had specific cost-per-click and clickthrough rate goals at the start of the campaign.  As with all our clients, we pride ourselves on delivering results driven and effective campaigns, so we kept a close eye on performance.  We implemented a variety of campaign optimizations during the campaign flight such as streamlining performance based on optimizing the best media options.  We also made a conscious effort to drilldown and refine the placement targeting to better leverage the higher performing web property locations. By the time the campaign ended, we had exceeded the client’s clickthrough rate goal by 600% and had achieved a cost per click that was 75% lower than their goal.

As a testament to the campaign’s success, we have been specifically requested and included on every media buy since the client’s first campaign, and the client has been impressed and pleased with campaign performance every time.  To date, the advertiser has run with us four times and we are currently being evaluated for another campaign flight.

Client C

Our client is a full service brokerage and investment banking firm. They came to us looking to run a campaign targeted specifically to Money Managers. The client wanted to promote their asset management services to Financial Advisors and Wealth Managers. The client needed a very large scale campaign with a high reach and exposure rate.  WebIntermix integrated a mix of data solutions, email marketing, social media, content strategy, and sales consulting to achieve these goals.

The advertiser kept the campaign’s performance goals confidential for internal reasons. However, we made sure to pay close attention to the campaign’s performance based on our own internal criteria of success metrics. We made several adjustments throughout the campaign to achieve the best possible performance for the client. For instance, if certain local geotargeting zip codes were outperforming other local geotargeting zip codes, we optimized the campaign towards the better performing zip codes.  We also did extensive A/B testing with the client’s creatives (some of which we designed) to ensure that the campaign was receiving the most possible value.

At the end of each campaign flight, the advertiser always reported positive feedback and consistently indicated that we outperformed a majority of their other partners. The client renewed for three consecutive campaign flights, and only paused for a short holiday break before coming back for an additional three campaign flights.